About Dr. Roy Vongtama

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I grew up as the son of two doctors, spending summers volunteering, researching and studying about the human body and disease. I saw the power of Western medicine and also its utter helplessness for treating diseases it didn't understand. At the same time, I was immersed in Catholic school and lived in a culturally Buddhist family,  with the former teaching that we only live once, and the latter believing that we come back again and again until we get it right. These two seemingly opposing traditions cemented one principle in me: if you have questions, you have to be the one to search for the answers that make sense for you. In other words, with respect to your health and your life, you must take ownership!  


Dr. Vongtama’s healing book is nothing short of all encompassing and comprehensive, made to help us with our sometimes confusing bodies. All aspects of any disease are considered; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, and the best part, it is easy to read and to “feel.”

Having trained himself, he has a clear and brilliant mind to help people in pain make these inroads for themselves. It is a wonderful reference book for those who want to be informed about their dis-ease. I shall happily be recommending it to my patients.
— Dr. Eve Campanelli, herbalist and healer, author of Feeling Very Much Better


Resume highlights:

  • Board Certified Radiation Oncologist (cancer specialist) since 2005

  • Residency at the University of California at Los Angeles

  • MD from SUNY Buffalo, President of Medical Student Body

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Pennsylvania with degree in Biological Basis of Behavior

  • Authorship in 14 peer-reviewed studies with over 235 citations

  • Nutritional coach for hundreds of cancer patients

  • Studied emotional technique for over 17 years with respected acting coaches Kate McGregor-Stewart and Joe Palese

  • Has led over 200 group meditations with over 10,000 hours of silent meditation