The System


My mission is to help people take ownership of their health.

But you’ve got to be ready. For those who are, this is a comprehensive system that is easy to understand and simple to integrate into your life.  Introducing the Houses of Health:


The Four Houses ARE…

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. These are the "Houses" that your body is made of. If you only concentrate on the Physical (nutrition, exercise, sleep) then you are missing out on 75% of your health! 

They are interconnected

What happens in one house can and usually does affect another. If a problem is not cleared up in the house it originated in, then it will spill over and affect another.  An easy example is how worrying (Mental House) can give you a headache or heartburn (Physical House).

What most doctors and people are missing

The key, as Dr. Vongtama sees it, is that your whole life, from conception to now, is registered in your body. This includes generational trauma that affected your parents, in utero effects, childhood trauma, childhood patterns learned, stressful life events, exposures, diet, mental thought patterns and especially emotional patterns.

Life events, when processed and released, are just part of your experience. When they are blocked, because feeling or experiencing them would affect your survival in your environment (say with an abusive parent), they can become a setup for disease later on in your life.

People often get frustrated that their doctors tell them, “diet doesn’t matter.” The truth is this: doctors, medical doctors at least, are not taught nutrition at all in medical school. Then there is no mechanism to train them after finishing medical school or residency. Thus they don’t have the awareness nor expertise to discuss it.

But of course, diet matters. So does how you think. So does how you feel. So does your ability to handle stress.

They all contribute to your current state of being and state of health.

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Dr. V said to me, ‘Radiation treatment is going to work, but it’s not enough. You have to change your life. You’ll need to change your diet, start meditating, and if you have anything emotional going on in your life, you need to take care of it right now.’


Those few sentences forever changed my thinking. Needless to say, I followed his advice and have adopted a holistic approach to my well-being. My life is SO MUCH better now than it was before my breast cancer diagnosis!
— A.P., breast cancer survivor