Spiritual House Game - Five Stars a Day

Healing Before Your’re Cured (my new book) features 4 Spiritual House games you can play to become healthier and Happier. This is the fourth game - enjoy!

Game #11:  Five Stars a Day

Introspection, once you get good at it, can really help you see what’s going well and what’s not.  Unfortunately, the critical eye is the easier one to hone in with, usually with the good intention of improving yourself.  However, I have a newsflash for you: you’re not ever going to be perfect.  So only looking at what you can improve isn’t really balanced and for sure it’s not healthy. After coaching with two success consultants, Craig Marshall and Andrew Papageorge, I started implementing this gratitude practice. 


1.     Get a journal.  (It never leaves your bedside.  I use a black ‘composition book.’)

2.     Make five stars on five separate lines.

3.     Write down five great moments of your day.

4.     Re-experience these five events. 


Some days you find ten things, and there are ten stars, and those are amazing days.  More often though, it can be an effort to find five! Here’s the thing though: it can be anything that felt good during the day for you to star: The simple experience of watching a hummingbird can be a “starred” event.  Sometimes it’s that I watched an episode of my favorite show.   Sometimes it’s that I had a great experience in meditation.  Some nights, after a hard day, when you’d think I’d just want to go to sleep and forget the day, I still pull out my journal because of the great habit I developed.  Other nights I get excited because I want to see what actually went well, and because I make a habit out of looking for good things, I seem to find them. 


REMINDER NOTE for Step 4: Re-experiencing these events:  This practice is significantly enhanced when one is able to savor these events again.  Why? As I stated earlier, the body and mind do not know the difference between a replay of an old event and a brand new one if you are fully present in it.


Taken from the chapter: The Spiritual House

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