Healing Before You’re Cured


I often would spend extra time with patients at their radiation consultation.

First, I would ask about nutrition. If they were receptive to hearing about dietary changes, I then would talk about how the mind influences the body. If they wanted more, I would lead them in a meditation. If they were still open, I would talk about trauma and emotional health. After experiencing life-changing results, more than a few would say, “Have you ever thought of writing a book?"   

Healing Before You're Cured is that book. Evidence-based and designed to used as a handbook, it goes in detail with studies, my own experience of decades around disease (especially cancer), and a positive outlook with one overarching attitude: you can do it!

I wrote it for my patients either going through cancer, but once I finished, I realized that it was for everyone. Dr. Robert Becker said, “There are many diseases, but only one health.” And in this I agree. It doesn’t matter what disease you have, because the body is trying to get to the same place no matter where it is: feeling good, without pain, and full of energy and life.

What if you’re thinking, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with me.” Well, it’s even better that you found this page now. Why? Because everyone has blind spots. The body is pretty amazing at handling most stresses in life, but it takes energy to do that. And over time, these stressors can cause the body and it’s immune system to break down. If you can find out where your blind spots are health-wise, doesn’t it make sense to address them before you have a problem?




  • Easy to read, easy to finish, written in a relaxed style

  • Thoroughly researched, with over 100 scientific citations 

  • Packed with impactful games and techniques to try

  • Broken into four sections, corresponding to the Four Houses: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual, so can be used for future reference.

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What Roy Vongtama has done is added a modern, intelligent angle, if you will, to these philosophies that have helped cement these beliefs into my consciousness and given me new ways to connect to my better self, thereby, I believe, giving me a chance at a happier, healthier life.
— C.A., reviewer
It’s difficult to write a self-help book without coming off as preachy or overly complicated...but Dr. Vongtama does an amazing job of educating without being condescending or making radical, unrealistic expectations. The whole book comes across as an intimate conversation between friends over a series of dinners.
— J.P. Goldman, reviewer