Podcasts and Media Features


Fat-Burning Man with Abel James

The Fat-Burning Man show has ranked #1 in Health in 8+ countries for 5 years in a row and won 4 awards in independent media with more than 10 million downloads.

Airing August 2019


Fit 2 Love

Fit 2 Love Podcast Show features fitness, health, dating, relationships, cooking, nutrition, spirituality and all things wellness.

Airing July 2019

Mind Pump Podcast

If you're into fitness the Mind Pump guys really bring a new level to understanding the body. We talk about mindset, flourishing versus languishing, the Placebo effect and much more.

May 2019

Food Heals Podcast

The Link Between Unresolved Emotions & Cancer With Dr. Roy Vongtama.

“Very few guests get us as excited as Dr. Roy Vongtama. He’s doing the kind of work Alli wishes she’d known about when her parents were diagnosed with cancer.”

May 2019

Asian American Podcast

One of the top three most listened to episodes of this podcasts with over 175 episodes. Dr. Vongtama discusses how he balances his life as both actor and medical doctor, why he refuses to accept established dogma, and how one’s inner reality has a profound effect on the outer reality.
January 2019

Velvet’s Edge Podcast

In light of breast cancer awareness month, Kelly talks to L.A. based radiation oncologist, Dr. Roy Vongtama about the importance of healing both your your mind and your body to stay healthy.

October 2018